a ‘cupbread’ for teacher’s day?

my little gal received her ‘model pupil’ badge 2 days ago. she was pretty excited and reminded me to pin on her uniform twice or thrice! she had told me earlier this year that she tried very hard to behave and complete her work timely, but didnt get the award. well, i supposed she persevered and her effort was at last being recognized and rewarded. so proud of her. =)

she had asked me very much earlier to prepare a bento for her teacher on teacher’s day. i was a bit reluctant because i did not know her teacher’s food preference, and got her to agree with a ‘cupbread’ instead.

cupbread??… is my bread version of cupcake… haha.. my own impromptu definition!

in this cupbread, chocolate chip bread with nutella spread. carrot flowers, mousy fishball with a long spaghetti tail, sausage ears, and a special homemade flag pick. a hello kitty one, no less ;P

k prepared the bread and glued the flag pick. i cooked the fish ball and pasted the facial nori details.

to all the teachers, happy teacher’s day!


singapore celebrates teacher’s day on 1st of september. it is an official school holiday. the schools celebrates the day before, where students usually get half a day off.


8 thoughts on “a ‘cupbread’ for teacher’s day?

  1. So sweet! Congrats to the model pupil! Ppl usually say it’s always the parents teaching that mold the kids hence congrats to u too!

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