bento 124 – 3 in 1 day, banana cake, mini sammies and mooncakes

i wanted to bake banana cake last week and had barred anyone from eating that 3 remaining very large bananas for 3 days. hehe .. they were super ripe last thursday morning, so i skipped bento-ing to bake. my son agreed to buy ‘healthy’ food from the canteen on condition that i give him extra allowance. usually he’ll eat his bento and save some of his daily allowance.

i was too greedy and  put too much banana. on top of that, i added an extra egg to the recipe (as the eggs i bought were small size ones).  the verdict, instead of banana cake, i baked banana kuih. taste was alright but texture was too wet and heavy. i was too sad to take any photos .. ;( .

i had a little time left after baking.  so prepared 4 little sealed heart shaped sammies (filled with nutella) for my gal. told her that all the animals (food picks) are covered with a blanket of love… =)

used 2 different heart cutters to cut and sealed bread. sealed with pressing the ‘blunt’ side of the smaller cutter.

later that evening, i made another batch of snow skin mooncakes using a new recipe.

bite size hello kitty snow skin redbean mooncakes.

this is the traditional mini size snow skin white lotus mooncake.

this snow skin recipe is from a colleague who is our mooncakes chef ! of the 3 recipes i tried, i like this the best. the   snow skin was still soft and chewy after 4 days in the fridge. it’s really simple, try it! =)

  • 115 gm steamed hong kong flour
  • 135 gm kao fern
  • 200 gm icing sugar
  • 31/2  tbsp corn oil
  • 250 ml cold water
  • essence and colouring
  1. mix cold water, corn oil, icing sugar, essence and colouring
  2. add in steamed hong kong flour and mix
  3. add in kao fern and mix quickly into dough

i bought the filling, lotus and red bean paste. just roll them into mini balls and wrap with the a little of dough. thereafter, roll dough and paste  into bigger ball and fit it into mould. and there you have it,’ homemade’ mooncakes.  best when served chill. =)


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