bento 123 – ‘charaben’ buns and mooncakes

i still have mini buns so we had another round ham and cheese buns this morning.

the lion shaped cheese was cut with a winnie the pooh cutter. i added some chicken sausages bought from ntuc. they are round and short, just what i needed to make cute 3d bear like alice’s, i thought with joy.

but as you can see from the photo, my supposedly bear was looking more like a mouse! haha… so mouse it is, again! this was my second try. my first attempt also turned out to be a mouse. looking at alice’s tutorial, now i know where i did wrong!  the nose and ears! i will try again, gambateh!! =)

my son’s was a ‘doggy’ charaben bun. i cut the sausage into half and pinned them with a short spaghetti strip as ears.  i am enjoying using the candy eyes! these are the large ones. my kids like them very much too.

dee, pl and i had a mini snowskin mooncake workshop last sunday. instead of the traditional ones, we ‘charaben’ our mooncakes.  we are true blue “charaben bento-ist” and put the bento gadgets into good use!

why mooncakes? the chinese celebrate mid autumn festival on the 15th, eighth month of the lunar chinese calendar.  family members and friends will gather to admire the bright mid-autumn harvest moon (end of the summer harvesting season), and eat mooncakes and pomelos under the moon together. this year it falls on 22 sep. so we still have time to have more “mooncake workshops”!

i will blog on the recipes used and charaben mooncakes next! 😉

click here for more information about this celebration.

we had so much fun that  i think we should have bento workshops too! if you are in singapore and are interested, leave me a comment or email me. we can learn from one another, after all none of us is as good as all of us. =)


22 thoughts on “bento 123 – ‘charaben’ buns and mooncakes

  1. Wow, cute and nice bentos. The sausage bear look more to mouse than a bear for me…yeap..should be a mouse. 🙂 The whiskers make it as mouse.
    Nice mooncake, they are so adorable, can I have some..haha. Nice!!!

  2. Nice, nice, nice! ya, actually look more like mouse but it is still sooo cute!!

    Hey, which NTUC got mini cocktail? Wat brand? I want too! The only ones I’ve seen is at the food court at TAKA, I think it was Go Go Franks but it is cheese dogs. I din get cos Kimi don like and with cheese filling how to cut nicely?

    We should order another round of eye!! 🙂

  3. Bought my mooncake and finished them already hahaha …. I think I will need to buy another pack soon. Bento and mooncake are so cute. I think the sausage looks like mouse too but you can always make a bear next time 🙂

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