bento 122 – mini ham and cheddar cheese girl and boy buns

made two simple ham and cheese buns today. we  are dog-sitting  for a friend for a month, and were kept awake last night due to the dog’s barking. i guessed that poor fella must be stressed and missing home, even though charlie, our cavelier king charles was friendly to his new ‘mate’ , gizmo, a silky terrier.

this morning was no better, gizmo ‘ marked’  his territory all over the kitchen. sigh…

ok let’s go back to bento. this is a ‘chubby boy’  bun for s. added some marshmallows, tangerine and longan.

and here is a girl bun for k.

i wanted a wide grin. tried punching using my new punchers but gave up after a few tries. each time only the eyebrows are perfectly cut. the grin either broken or not out at all.

i am using candy eyes for the first time!  i just got them last friday, thank you to a kind bento mama who ordered online for me! you know who you are, hugs and kisses! =P .  the candy eyes come in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. the ones above are medium size. i dont think i’ll buy the small size ones anymore because they are just a small dot of black candy. my personal favorite, the large ones! see photo below for comparison of the sizes.  prices on the stickers are in usd, ordered from candyland crafts.


12 thoughts on “bento 122 – mini ham and cheddar cheese girl and boy buns

  1. quick and simple using sugar eyes. I must get them when I’m ready to make charaben! I love the twisted marshmellows you got. It sure added a bit of touch to your bento!

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