bento 121 – going back to school bento

my kids asked for breakfast bento even though they were not schooling today. aww…i felt so appreciated and of course agreed, but i broke my promise as i was not feeling well this morning. =(

hoping to make up for it, i asked them if they want to participate in the hapa bento’s bomb and the theme is back to school. both gave their suggestions and were eager to help. i had wanted to do a froggy back to school theme but k preferred a bunny whilst his brother, s wanted a to make a bear.  kids! we did this ‘art project’ after dinner.

each kid cut and assembled their charaben in a plate. here is k’s.

here are their ‘art-works’ , transferred to bento box filled with rice. mommy took care of the details like bags and hats.  =)

bunny – face and legs (made from pork ham), muzzle (cheese), dress (tomato and cheese), bag (corn)

bear – face and legs (chicken ham), muzzle (rolled flat bread), jumpsuit? (carrot),  bag (corn) 

added another box with meat, vegetables and fruits, and voila!  a balanced charaben bento.

in this bento- vegetable fried with fish cake,  potato and chicken in oyster sauce,sugar apricots and one honey cherry tomato. dishes were all dinner leftovers.

took this opportunity to give a short ‘lecture’ to the kids that siblings must take of each other.  just like how this brother bear is holding the sister bunny to school. hehe…

while i was fussing with photo-taking, both kids helped to ‘clean-up’ whatever food leftovers. s made his own ham and cheese sandwich.

and this is what’s left after the photo shoot.

each chose and ate their own creation, minus the veg bits! charlie , our pet dog ate the rice. (with his dry kibles and home cooked steamed pork). i love this kind of ‘art project’, minimal clean-up and no storage space needed! =)

these are the bento gadgets used for this project.

i love the shoe puncher.  just one press and the cut outs were perfect!

also submitted this to shannon’s what’s for lunch. click here for bentos prepared by others around the globe. =)


16 thoughts on “bento 121 – going back to school bento

  1. I bet shoe puncher definitely works the best! Tks babe, I shall proceed with my Bento purchase again… 🙂

    xoxo D

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