bento 120 – more with silicone moulds!

i used the same silicon moulds again. =) this time to cook an egg. i separated the egg white and yolk because i wanted yellow for the bear’s muzzle and middle part of the flower. i didnt whisk the egg, hoping for a smooth sheet (less air bubbles?). all went well, until i poured the egg yolk. lesson learnt here is that , don’t pour until the egg white is almost 20-30% cooked.

see photo below, the bear’s muzzle is all over the … panda’s face. last-minute change since the muzzle is not in place and i wanted to test the new expression punchers!

i had more success with the flower, although i would like a smaller yellow circle.

also in these bentos, butter sandwich, chocolate biscuits and bunny apples.

all the facial expressions here were cut with a set of new punchers which i just gotten yesterday. silly me, i placed the panda’s nori per the puncher picture not realising that the ‘brows’ are actually the panda’s ears! have you seen a panda with eye brows? well, now you have. haha..

these are my new bento loot! a dear friend helped to buy these bento gadgets from hong kong. she also shared half of her newly acquired cute food picks that i didnt ‘order’ but like to have. hugs and kisses !! thank you to dee too, another round of hugs and kisses!! (being asian, it is easier to write than to do that physically) for helping to co-ordinate the purchase. a natural ‘sales coordinator’, eh? ;P

a short review of the 6 punchers –

i didnt get a complete cut with one ‘press’. each time there will be one or two spoilt eyes, spoilt mouth, i.e. i gotta pressed a few times to get a complete nice set of the facial expression. having said this, i probably will still buy them even if i had known this earlier. sigh… what to do? i am a bento gadgets collector.

i will try the ‘horse shoe’ puncher and blog about it next.

i am also getting my sugar eyes, kindly ordered by another sweet bento mama. yipee! my charaben will have beautiful round eyes apart form the two little ‘nori dots’ . hehe..

happy midweek all !! =)


16 thoughts on “bento 120 – more with silicone moulds!

  1. must be hard work to put the eggs together (waiting for the whites to set, then pour in the yolk) but they look really good! i have to laugh about your panda eye brows after you mentioned it, but seriously if you didn’t say anything no one could tell. :p Were the punchers alot cheaper in HK? I really wanted to get some but i think they’re kind of expensive here in the US. lastly, what a bummer about the punchers not getting the best of punchouts….I read on Lia’s page recently that you can try “sharpen” the punches by punching layers of foil. Doesn’t hurt to try!

  2. hi mrs p. yes those items were much cheaper than most of the online stores i checked. let me know if you want to know the price i paid in hkg dollars.

    another bento mama has tried using foil as mentioned by lia, but they were the same as before. ;(

    1. oh yes pls let me know how much it is in HK dollars. If it’s a good deal i might try ask my cousin to get them for me. too bad no one will be visiting shortly so they could hand carry them over. 😦

    1. its ok. we still can create cute charaben with just a hole puncher! my joy in bento making is really the creation process. if i dont have gadgets it’ll just take a little longer. 😉

  3. I am looking for those punchers too.. can i know where your friend bought at HK? as my colleagues are going to HK end of the month. maybe can ask them to get for me..

  4. I must agree with you about those nori punchers! So far I have not punch anything out successfully from the 3 in one sets. The only reliable one is the green & yellow puncher.

    Tried the tricks of using foil to ‘sharpen’ them like what Kaeranmama mentioned in her book but still not cutting well. They have been in ‘cold storage’ till now. 😦

    1. hi alice, you are right, the shoe puncher is one of the best apart from the carla craft ones. tried it this evening and love it. such a pleasure ‘punching’ haha…

  5. What cute bento!

    I have trouble with my plastic punchers from time to time but found if I use a thin piece of paper behind the nori it really helps most of the time. Of course, you end up with a lot of confetti but it sure beats being frustrated!

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