bento 119 – made mini pancakes using silicon moulds

we had mini pancakes this morning.  made them from a premix package that requires one to just add some water.  it’s so convenient, easy and quite nice too! my kids love it. =)

i used these silicon moulds. they are very easy to use, unlike those stainless steel ones. the latter tend to have food stick to them, whereas the silicon ones ‘peel-off’ from the pancake easily.  love them.  my only complaint,  the cooking process was too slow, as i could only cook 4 pancakes at a time. i’ll probably buy another set of 2, bear and star moulds to fill the pan. i cant wait to use these to cook eggs! am confident it’ll turn out nice too.  =)

here are my gal’s and shinn’s (lg’s son) bento. i didnt take a picture of my son’s. i just packed 5 mini pancakes, add a small container of maple syrup for him and poked 2 picks to the pancakes. didnt have time to  ‘charaben’ his snacks.

noticed the bear mouths? i used a nos ‘3’ mini carla punch.

the photos are blury. i took them with iphone 4gs, supposedly better quality but then, the photos i took with 3gs looked better. not sure if it’s the lighting or the setting. my digital camera battery ran out!


14 thoughts on “bento 119 – made mini pancakes using silicon moulds

  1. What adorable looking little pancakes! I’ve tried to use the metal molds in the past but the batter always oozed out…I’ll have to give these a try.

  2. Karen, great job on yr pancakes
    my pancakes didnt turn out nice…. sigh 😦
    Thanks for the tips of “no. 3” carla punch for the bear mouth.

    1. mine almost ‘chow tar’ in the first few attempts. just that i didnt take photos on those!! so no evidence here..the trick is small small fire but that is almost hard to do when we are in a mad morning rush! haha..

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