bento 116 – panda and bunny noodle

hi there, i have been mia (missing in action) for a while.  did not make any bento in the last 4-5 days!  we had takeaways yesterday as my mil didnt cook dinner.  i had planned to buy roast chicken and char siew rice, and ‘charaben’ it before eating.  hehe… bento is a good way to practice portion control !  perhaps a soya sauce teddy theme bento.

just when i pick-up my bento box and teddy mould, my son said his noddle was very spicy! i had to exchange my rice with his noodle, and i should have think out of the box,  make a soya sauce teddy with noodles and wanton (mince pork dumpling). sigh… so in the end, instead of a mini teddy charaben bento, i ate a big plate of noodle. ;(

prepared a panda and a bunny noodle bento for the kids this morning. here they are, prepared in a jiffy!

in this bento – steamed seaweed chicken, beef balls, stars carrot , cucumber and soya sauce noodle. panda is made from egg white, carrot cheeks and nori facial and ear details. used medium and extra small oval cutters to cut panda’s face, ears and cheeks.

my gal had the same food as above. bunny was made from egg white and yolk (cooked separately in a small fire), bunny nose cut from cucumber using a ‘nose’ cutter.

the oval and nose cutters used here can be found in bento gadgets facebook   – cutters code C6 .  while you are there, please like the page and be a fan too! all bento gadgets here are sold at a flat price of sgd5 or approx usd3.60 each.  =)


8 thoughts on “bento 116 – panda and bunny noodle

  1. Both of my kids love noodles, wait until they see your bento. I bet they will ask me to prepare noodles for their bento. Cute panda and rabbit … like them 🙂

    1. hi lia, thanks, my son loves noodle but my gal almost always asked me not to pack noodle because she is a slow eater and cant finish it on time. but.. i still… haha..

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