bento 115 – sweet melody

today’s bento is made for a contest hosted by the kawaii bento club which last day is only a few hours away.  bento has to be music themed.

i had sketched a rock chick and a girl playing the classical music with violin, but.. yes, there is always a but. 

i am at my dad’s place so didnt have any bento gadget except one one hole puncher. the music notes and all else cut free hand with the help of a pair of little scissor. a special thank you to my sis who assisted me. xie la mei mei! =)

here is the girl playing violin, so emotional that she teared. hehe..

in this the first tier box was sweet and sour pork, salted egg prawn, cucumber and kiwi. i didnt cook them, they are leftovers from today’s dinner.

little girl is made from chicken ham, violin is pork ham, dress is made from crabmeat stick and cucumber, little ribbon is chilli (from sweet and sour dish).

update: link this post to shannon’s what’s for lunch. click here to see other bentos. 

i cant find my entry to the kawaii bento club contest, emailed and also left comment in their facebook but no reply todate. ;(


22 thoughts on “bento 115 – sweet melody

    1. Thank you, Alice. Was glad that I could do it without any fancy punchers n cutters. But it took much longer time. So we do need our bento gadget afterall. Hehe…

    1. Hi tona, paiseh paiseh ! Thanks for the sweet compliments! I have many new stuff for u !! Check out bento gadgets later!! Hehe., I almost ‘pengsan’ when I saw those new picks in stock! Not sure if u already have them. Let me know ya!

  1. That is amazing!!! I cannot believe you were able to create that all by hand, I am lucky if I can cut circles without a cutter. ;o)

    Thanks so much for adding it to the link up!

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