bento 114 – a windy day in the garden

bento snacks for today: boiled fish balls and noodles, and steamed fish nuggets.

can’t decide if this is a bee or bug.  let’s just call it a ‘beezy’ bug. hehe..

i boiled 2 types of noodles to get different colours, ie, green (cold soba) and white. (i saw pink ones, but they are so expensive).  then realized it wont make any difference after i mixed them with dark sauce, so portion some without .

cut fish ball into half and joined them with a spaghetti strip. poked some short strips of spaghetti as legs and feelers complete with nori facial details, abdomen strips, and 2 pink sprinklers for blushing cheeks. just when i wanted to put a small flower on the bug, my son interrupted and said, ” i am not a girl! “.  point noted. 😦

the next is my gal’s.  i saw or read somewhere that beautiful long hair for charaben princess can be created by poking some spaghetti noodles into hot dogs or fish cakes before boiling them together. awesome! the image was at the back of my mind for a longest time, and today i finally tried it with a fish ball.


not so nice eh? she’s kind of  ‘botak’, too few spaghetti! will perfect this some other time. haha… also my first charaben with eyebrows!!  😉

here’s wishing all a very happy weekend!


2 thoughts on “bento 114 – a windy day in the garden

  1. Oh yea, I read about the sticking hair hair into buns or something to create the effect somewhere too but can’t remember where.

    It is always good to practice! 🙂

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