bento 113 – chicken, elephant and lion sandwich

it’s back to morning bento business as usual. s agreed to egg/butter sandwich. i was a little ‘slow’ even after i cheated some 15-20 minutes of extra Zzz… =)

i cant decide what charaben until after a few looks at the bento gadgets tool box. finally decided on an elephant and bird, simply because they need little nori detailing, and i was short of time.

spread some nutella on the bread top as the yellow omelette ‘egg sheet’ was pale against the white background. i forgot to do the same for the birdie one. sigh…

i decided on a lion theme for my gal. had only a spoonful of meat floss left and thought it’s nice to use it to represent the lion’s mane.

psst … a lion with mane should be male but this one is a ‘metro sexual’ one. it didnt mind a mini carrot flower on its head! i cant resist decorating it with a tiny flower ! maybe a crown would be nice too. haha… =)

linked this post to shannon’s what’s for lunch. see link for other bentos too!


12 thoughts on “bento 113 – chicken, elephant and lion sandwich

  1. wow look at the lion! He is so cute!! I still haven’t been able to perfect eggs so I could cut them out to make them into shape. Must be my skillet as the egg kept sticking to it even though it says non-stick…then I end up just scrambling the egg. :p thanks for sharing!

      1. Thank you so much!! who knew you have to add cornstarch water and a strainer to do that trick! Thanks again and I’ll definitely try that!

  2. Sometimes it can be such a drag in the morning if I need to prepare bento too… so I rather don’t pack at all! 😆 I’m so lay now!!!

    The lion is cute nonetheless! Using the floss was indeed a very clever idea! I should try doing a lion one day!

  3. Love your lion very much! So many details you’ve put it for the little lion. And I bought that Clapping March green bento box too! I like that pink one but it is too girlish for my boy then 🙂

    1. hi ai ping, thanks.

      emm, little boys just dont like pink, wonder why? is it because of us, moms who condition them to think boy = blue and girl = pink? in any case, buy one for yourself! =)

  4. I’m loving the metrosexual lion. It is amusing me entirely too much (or the combo of that & the fact it is 2am here). All of these are just wonderful! I love charaben bentos.

    Thanks for adding it to last week’s link up! :o)

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