hello kitty chocolate/chocolate chip/banana/walnut sponge cake

i didnt make any bento snacks for my kids  this morning.  k and i baked chocolate chocolate chip sponge cake yesterday night.  we had that for supper, breakfast and snack,  and most likely tomorrow’s breakfast too! 

no, that’s not too much of a ‘good’ thing, hehe… we baked them in teeny weeny mini paper cases  and 2 medium size hello kitty.

i added some with walnuts and bananas for me!  i used a premix instant cake mix, just need to add melted butter and eggs, bake and voila, it’s ready !    =)

those freckles are chocolate chips.

mini cakes – with banana and walnuts.  kids didnt want them but they are my all-time  favourite!


8 thoughts on “hello kitty chocolate/chocolate chip/banana/walnut sponge cake

  1. Is that Hello Kitty cake or bun???? Looked so pretty and yummy! I love walnut and banana too! And that reminds me of Bonjour’s banana walnut bread! Why M’sia don’t have that???? 😦

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