bento 112 – beef balls ‘caterpillar’ udon and cheesy ‘sheep’ sandwich

today’s snack bentos were beef balls udon for s and, cheese sandwich for k.

the caterpillar were beef balls joined with a short trip of spaghetti noodle. those carrot flowers and cucumber were later ‘removed’, i.e. eaten by mom (me!), and there were only 2 beef balls left by the time we packed the lunch box into the school bag.  s cannot wait till recess and ate one !! =)

this was my gal’s,

it’s supposed to be a sheep but it looked like a bee, eh? i think it’s the positioning of the head and ear… maybe a little higher would be better.  i had intended to put colourful sprinkles on the cheese, but decided not to as the sprinkles colour would ‘run’, replaced the idea with mini carrot flowers.

yes i remembered, it’s  time to announce the lucky draw winner!  i have not pick the lucky draw winner of the bento gadgets giveaway yet! well, not me per se. i will use the random number generator.

… but before i do that, here are the complete list of the bento gadget facebook fans and blog subscriber lucky nos.

name  lucky nos   name  lucky nos
adelene teo 58   jazreel pay 84
angelene teo 59   karen dallstream 85
angelene teo 60   karenrieken 86
angeleyes 61   lim vienna 87
ann kilanska 62   lk fft 88
arkonites bento box 63   marcela roxana 89
briton danahue 64   may tan 90
carol hoh 65   mindi shapiro 91
channa schulgasser 66   nancy gervais 92
chantal park 67   nomie foster 93
chen meiqi 68   sam lim 94
deewi tan 69   sew pick ling 95
elaine lee 70   shanie teoh 96
emily ng 71   shay holland 97
eva lee 72   shuyi joanne 98
felucity 73   steven lai 99
fengnee lok 74   susan (arkonite) 100
fera rosalina 75   thepricklypinecone 101
fera rosalina 76   tona tuominen-ng 102
florence 77   wen lim 103
fong siew chuen 78   westlife 104
francheska m sanchez 79   witch8a 105
fsanchez85 80   wong fung ming 106
gena law 81   xelia tong 107
hien ly 82   x-wissel 108
jasmine elgersma 83   yvonne cheng 109


i will announce the winning nos in the next post … ooh! it’s as exciting as announcing the contest !! …….=)


10 thoughts on “bento 112 – beef balls ‘caterpillar’ udon and cheesy ‘sheep’ sandwich

  1. Beef balls with odon… yum-yum!
    You reminded me of the beef noodles in SG… miss it sooo much!!!! Love the dry version which we can’t get it here.

    Wah… you are so hard working listing all the names out!
    So suspense! hahahah

    1. i like the dry one too. emm maybe we can google for the recipe and make our own healthier version!

      tried to inject some fun into the contest. hope i did in a small way! =)

  2. Today seems like a caterpillar day as I see few super cute caterpillar bento around! Yours is definitely a cute one!
    By the way, very creative of you to use the music note seaweed as the leg of the cute sheep! Love it!

  3. No, it does look like a sheep ah.. n I loves the legs! So creative to use the musical notes!! 🙂

    Wah, u really make us kan cheong.. suspense, suspense…machiam like tv show like that! “And the winner is…you’ll find out when we come back after this commercial breakl!” Lol!

    1. haha… lol! tona, you really ‘tickled’ me. if there is another chance, we’ll do it like the ‘cliff hanger’ end of season tv series kinda thing… more kan cheong hor? haha..

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