bento 109 – mousy ‘hotdogs’ and hello kitty, again!

i didnt make any bento this morning.  these were last friday’s which had lots of sausages or as we called at home, hot dogs. i was so inspired by alice’s bento fun – bear sausage tutorial, i wanted to try making one that morning.  i didnt have the plump and short sausages, just the normal long and thin ones.  the bear turned out to be a very rectangular one, very not kawaii !! so i ate it. lol!

i made the usual charaben sausages – octos and crabbies, and tried out a squarish mouse, also inspired  bento fun mousy bento. =)

the octos ‘O’ mouths were made from fish ball, cut with a big straw and later with a smaller one.

k saw her brother’s furry bear onigiri on my blog, and requested i make one for her.  but no rice, just bread she said. she also wanted hello kitty and one seaweed chicken, specifically requested meat floss and nutella as filling for her sandwich. hmmn… so demanding at such a young age.

i didnt cook seaweed chicken. i packed her hot dogs instead.

i packed similar octo and crabby sausages in addition of her special request.  the bear and hk’s ribbon were made with bread ‘skin’ (last piece of bread!). bear’s flower and muzzle were made from fish ball.


5 thoughts on “bento 109 – mousy ‘hotdogs’ and hello kitty, again!

    1. yeah! totally agree with you. i am so limited with the characters now. will learn how to make more animals and buy different types for colour varieties! and the best part, we just need to boil/steam them! i like. haha… cheers.

      but not too many also eh, they are, however processed food.

  1. You did a great job in modifying the sausages!
    Btw, I saw a brand (Farm’s Best) selling in Jusco. Their mini chicken cocktails are slightly slimmer but lenght wise is about the same. Maybe you can try to check it out in Giant or Carrefour and see if they carry this brand of chicken cocktails. 🙂

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