bento 107 – boy onigiri and snow princess

i made a boy onigiri for the first time! i steamed left over rice and made it into a rice ball with a round mold. am quite happy with the result. =)

in this bento – steamed seaweed chicken , a slice of apple (made into a bunny, which s grumbled yet again!) and boy onigiri topped with pork floss as hair (too much!).   i like to ‘steam’ foods a lot.  it’s a simple way to cook, i.e., all in one pot , fast and healthier too. all the factors needed for an express bento!

this is my gal’s, she didn’t like to eat rice as snacks, so no girl onigiri  for her .

she had chicken seaweed, grapes and 2 fish balls, made into a little princess. she said later that this looked like a snowman! i corrected her, a snow princess it is! 😉

i didn’t prepare bento for myself  as i had a luncheon meeting today.

update: linked this post to shannon’s what’s for lunch. check out other submissions here –


4 thoughts on “bento 107 – boy onigiri and snow princess

  1. Boy onigiri and snow princess are so cute! Love the boy’s hair with pork floss. I think my kids will love that fish ball snow princess, they can eat a lot of fish ball that you can’t believe it hehehe 😀

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