bento 106 – hello melody ?

we baked chocolate  chip, raisin and orange (all in one without using electric mixer) muffins yesterday. the 2 kids decided that helping their mommy would be much more fun than reading, or doing math worksheets!

used room temperature eggs but milk was cold. was wondering if  this would affect the muffins texture. oh well, in any case they turned out alright. i used recipe posted on happyhomebaking’s blog, replaced cranberries with raisins and reduced the sugar by half.

s had 2 muffins before bed and another 2 this morning. he didnt want to take any lunch box at first ( he wanted to run/exercise during recess) but i insisted. well just 2 steamed fish fingers and some grapes, i said. he bargained and asked to take only … one grape! and added that today is not a fruit day (his school encourages all to bring fruits on friday).

this is all, no carbo stuff, so …. little food. i wonder if he’ll eat all the six grapes i packed for him. (update: he did). 😉

k asked for a melody bento the night before. she seldom make special request so i will try to entertain one when she does.

i did not plan ahead and this was the best i can think of last minute. using fish fingers as melody’s ears,  rolled a piece of bread flat and cut oval shape. added carrot flower and dotted it with butter. i forgot to add the yellow button nose. hope she sees a melody here! =)

this is mine, in a BIG hello kitty bento box.

in this bento, fish fingers, lettuce, honey tomatoes, tangerine, blueberries, grapes and pear, befitting this week’s theme – light and healthy.


3 thoughts on “bento 106 – hello melody ?

  1. Hey, what a great idea!! I din know fish finger oso can make My Melody, U r so creative!!

    Hey, those seaweed chix (is it from Tay’s) n fish finger can steam? How will it taste?

  2. Hi there! Yes, u are spot on. They are tay’s . How do you know that?! They tasted alright, soft . In any case, even if we fried/baked it, they will still turn soft after a while. Hehe.. Me lazy la! Always trying to minimise preparation n cooking n cleaning time. it’s also healthier. Hehe.. 😉

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