bento 105 – tiger and hippo omelette

this week’s theme will be healthy, light and balanced bento.  i will try not to use processed food this week, at least not the  cheese and ham! lol!

my kids love eggs.  today’s express charaben – tiger and hippo omelette.

my son said it looked like a bear.  probably because i used the mini teddy cutter (for head) and hippo cutter (as body).

grrrr…, er, more like meow, meoww.. haha..

k woke up early today and chose her own cute food picks. she skewed the grapes and arranged them. also took some photos on her own. so proud of her .  😉

a girl hippopotamus.

this my newly acquired hello kitty two tier box. it comes with fork and spoon too.  love it!  inside the mini hk container is mayonnaise for lettuce.  😉


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