bento 101 – blotchy bluey cheesy mousy and monkey

thank you all who have registered for the small bento gadgets giveaway! i am so happy to exchange short messages with you. for those who have not, quickly register to grab one or more chances to win !! =) if you have missed the giveaway post, read it here

here is the next picture from my bento t-shirt, a monkey

a fairly easy bento-able monkey for my son (i don’t think he’ll take the hello kitty one to school, O-o ) anything pink or with flowers are also no no!

used only 2 sizes of circle cutters and 2 types of ham – chicken and pork

and here is my gal’s, blue mousy –

i used a blue m&m to colour the cheese. i didnt have the patience to colour so it’s quite blotchy. em, blotchy bluey cheesy mousy bento…!

my fruity bento meant for lunch, but ended as extra snacks. in this bento box – mangoesteen, mango, tomatoes, cucumber. i had ‘bak chor mee’ / minced pork noodle for lunch!! sigh…how to lose weight? =P


2 thoughts on “bento 101 – blotchy bluey cheesy mousy and monkey

  1. Adorable bentos! Mangosteen is a very good cooling fruit but I always afraid if the kids drop it to their uniform then I will have to do extra work 🙂

  2. thanks lia. i love mangosteen and durian!! wish i can pack some durian pengat in bento, emmm.. yummylicious! too bad both my kids dont like them =(

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