a special 1OOth bento and bento gadgets giveaway!!

this is my 100th bento posting! wow, that means all in all i would have packed at least 200 snacks for my 2 kids.

i prepared a special themed bento close to my heart – no prizes for guessing! =)… hello kitty, a sleepy one holding its favourite teddy ! this is also made to feast your eyes, a little thank you gesture from me to you for dropping by. i hope you like it as much as i enjoyed preparing it ! =)

to mark this occasion, i will be giving away a set of express bento gadgets in a lucky draw. all the bento gadgets you ever need to make an express charaben bento, for beginner or seasoned bento-ist alike. i have participated quite a few bento contests in this bento community. although i did not win any (yet), i enjoyed every bit of the ‘process’ of preparing and registering for the contest. it’s now my pleasure to host a lucky draw. =)

the above are the items i am giving away. one lucky winner will be picked randomly.

i personally feel some of these gadgets are a must have. items like the smiley puncher and pincer (to hold and paste those tiny nori eyes to food) cut down preparation time significantly vs free hand cutting and pasting. another ‘die die’ must have for me is the stainless steel teddy cutter cum rice mould. i can think of a total of 9 ‘express’ cute animal faces using only this cutter. i’ve used this cutter the most to create bear, frog, dog, to quickly name 3. can you name the other 6 animals?

i will be completing my bento-able t-shirt picture series. perhaps i can start another blog series creating cute faces using only this cutter eh? =)

well, if you like me, have all these items, would you like to have an extra set? =)

there are a few simple ways to register for this lucky draw, you decide,

(a) leave a comment below to register your entry. if you like, tell us what is your favourite charaben, eg, mine is hello kitty. is yours a disney character, cute faces, flowers, or insects, anyone? lol! one chance per person

(b) register as a fan on my ‘facebook’ bento gadgets shop for one extra chance to win. just click ‘like this’. i love shopping and buying bento gadgets so much. why not share the joy of my loot?, and continue with my shopping and buying spree. hehe.. =)

(c) please help share this joyous event so that others can join in by linking this post to your blog, and get 2 extra chances to win. kindly leave a comment below and link your page so that i can record the extra chances to you.

(d) sign up to subscribe my blog and get one chance

register in all (a, b, c, d) to get a maximum of 5 chances to win per person.

i will close the registration on 31st july 2010, 11.59pm singapore time.

look forward to hearing from you. good luck! =)

update : added this to shannon’s what’s for lunch. check it out http://bentolunch.blogspot.com/search/label/what%27s%20for%20lunch%20wednesday

110 thoughts on “a special 1OOth bento and bento gadgets giveaway!!

  1. Ah, you choser my favourite character! I love Hello Kitty! So let me see, I think I’d like winnie the Pooh as my next fave character, but I have to admit I’m terrible at charaben!!

    I will blog your comp on my blog and I have already “liked” you on facebook. Just about to go and sign up to recieve updates from you now 🙂

    Why don’t you stop by and visit my blog and FB page too?

  2. Hey Congratulations on your 100th bento! I can’t even fathom that, whew! That’s alot of bento meals! Thx for your comment on my blog.. Wow. We are so not close to any of you in terms of creativity and amazing bentos but we are encouraged all the same. Thx so much! And I want to enter this contest! lol.

    1. hi chantaleP, thanks for your sweet compliments. you’re lucky nos 8! i will accord the chances in fb and subscriber list separately.
      cheers =)

  3. Hi! I “like” you on FB, and I love your blog! My fave character (although I haven’t quite mastered it) would be Spongebob or Dora- my kids fave, I am just learnig how to do Bento lunches, but I already see a huge improvement in what my kids are eating for lunch! YAY! Thank you for inspiring me!

    1. hi mindi, thanks for the kind words and participating. i love spongebob too but dont think i dare to attempt making a dora charaben. didnt want to do injustice to her! hahaa.. you r lucky nos 9

  4. Congrats Karen! Cool huh 100 bentos … and I believe more cute bento is coming up. Great giveaway! All the best for your blogging … hope we can still continue our passion for bento (^.^)

  5. GOOD JOB!!!

    I just started bento-ing and my favourite is FLOWERs!
    Lurve those summerY bento!

    great giveaway!

  6. Since I am on my way to Disney next week, I am into the Big Mouse Mickey this week. I imagine he will be every where and I am looking forward to gaining a lot of new bento ideas in the parks. Yipee!

  7. hi patrice, oh.. disneyland! i want to go too!! =) what a coincidence, i made a ‘big’ blue mousy bento this morning. hehe..you r lucky nos 15!
    have a great trip!!

  8. Hello:)
    GREAT giveaway that you’re organising here…Ooo, cant wait to win some prizes.

    Am not a bento maker as yet, but all these bento blogggers are great inspiration. If i win all this express gadgets, am sure i wil start making my bento soon!

    So far, as all i have seen, i lurve kerokerokeropi most…the cute little green frog:) (did i get the spelling correct)? Whee~

  9. I have just ‘like’ your facebook page:)

    Another entree for me..WHEE…i really want to win those cute prizes!! hardly get any in UK 😦

  10. How nice of you to have a contest!
    And your bentos are so beautiful and well thought out.
    I typically cook in the evening then try to throw one together in the morning before work.

    Typically, I like to try to make mine more garden/flower oriented, but I desperately want the supplies to work on some HK!

    I Liked you over on FB too. 🙂

    -Karen R

    1. hi karen, thank you for the sweet compliments.
      it’s nice to know we have so many HK fans here. you are lucky nos 17.
      cheers from another karen =)

  11. the sleeping Hello Kitty is so sweet!

    I also enjoy butterflies and flowers. Thanks for offering us this contest!

  12. I LOVE Hello Kitty! I’ve just started trying to make bento lunches for my daughter this year and I’m getting better but it take organization for me. As far as I know I’m the only mom making thse style lunches at my daughter’s school…maybe I’ll start a trend here. Cna’t find ANY of the cool bento supplies here so I have to order things and most of the time I just don’t know where to get stuff ‘sigh’…

  13. Love to have cUTE creatures…like bunnies or Cats onigiri:)
    Those are my favourite!!!

    good job in th 100th bento..u’re AMAZING!

  14. 😀 cute Hello Kitty…nice bento. I love your blog so much, you are so creative. I like to make animals & mickey mouse for my son. 🙂
    I have also click ‘LIKE’ to your facebook page & sign up to subscribe your blog.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. Wow!!! Your 100th bento! Congrats! Thank u for your wonderful blog and sharing with us tons of creative ideas on “bento..ing”. You”re a GODSEND to beginners like me:) Those giveaways are so COOL and definitely useful. Praying hard I’ll win those. Thanks again for being so generous. 🙂

  16. I always pack lunch bentos for my kids during the school year but they are pretty boring looking. This year I’d like to be more creative. We’re all Hello Kitty fans here and insects are also a favorite for us.

    1. hi jennifer, hooray to hello kitty ! the only insect i’ve made so far is ladybug. butterfly is next on my insect ist =) you are lucky nos 38.

  17. Hi, my favourite charaben is also hello kitty! Have got loads of its gear and am trying to “brain-wash” my little one to love it too. 😀 But need not much effort coz who would not love such a pretty kitty. 😀

  18. wow! your bentos are amazing and soooo kawaii!!! lovely!!!
    my favorite character are care bears, since my chilhood!!!!
    i hope win! i sing up on facebook.
    thanks for this awensome giveaway!

    1. hi marce, thanks for participating and the lovely comments. oh ya care bears! i will keep in mind and make a care bear bento. 😉

      you are lucky nos 42. good luck! cheers.

  19. Hi, my favourite charaben is melody and hello kitty for my gal! They went WOW at your bentos earlier and begged me to prepare one tomorrow… hope I’m as creative 🙂

  20. hi marce, thanks for the link too. another 2 lucky nos 44 and 45. i maintained a separate nos list for facebook’s bento gadget fans. i love your little creations. =)

  21. hi, my elder son love ben 10 very much. but i hav difficulty to make it. cos not so creativity like u.. ;p

    1. oh siew chuen, you are too kind with your words. i wouldn’t dare attempting making a ben 10. too challenging and am afraid no one can recognize it if i make one. haha..your lucky nos is 46.

  22. Hi,

    I have just started making my 2nd Bento.. and my son ate all of them.. I am so happy..:)

    My favourite charactor will be Tuxdosam and Kero Keroppi!

    would u be able to show how to make bread onigiri?

  23. おめでとうございます!Congratulations! You have hit 100th charaben bentos – great job!

    Thanks for ideas of “bento~ing”, you really have fantastic ideas. One of my favourites characters is “My Melody”, I like “Hello Kitty” too.

    I am leaving this comment here, “like u” at bento gadgets on FB, signed up email on your blog and also link you with my newly “established” blog ^;^

  24. thanks deewi. you max out your chances. thank u for the support. =)

    here’s your lucky nos-
    55,56,57,the balance 2 nos will be accorded separately. good luck!
    cheers =)

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