bento 99 – who is hello kitty’s bff?

bento ninety – nine! yes, 99 =)

s went to a school excursion and did not want to take any bento today, he asked for more $$ to buy snacks!  i had a dinner appointment later today, so no bento for me too. i didnt want to lug a lunch box around town. =)

so i only need to prepare k’s bento. i did it leisurely as i have more time today. i even had time to choose which food picks to use. thereafter, decided that the picks were not cute enough, and changed all of them. lol!

today’s an appropriate girlie character, i don’t know its name. i always see her with the famous cat, so i address her as hello kitty’s bff, bunny.

and here is the edible version-

it’s a ham and cheese sandwich, k’s favourite. bunny is made with ham, flower from carrot. face details are punched nori.

this were the gadgets used – cutters and puncher. they were bought from specialty stores, i.e, sanrio hello kitty shops.

update: submitted this post to shannon’s what’s for lunch wednesday (week 6).  check it out!


i have an announcement to make, i will be giving away a set of all new cute bento gadgets – all one needs to make an express charaben bento. great for a beginner and/or seasoned bento-ist alike. i’ll tell you more on the next post !! hehe.. so ‘kan chiong’ i.e. excited!


14 thoughts on “bento 99 – who is hello kitty’s bff?

  1. Wow so cute!! Looks exactly like the pix!!

    Tks for showing the gadgets, really appreciate that! No wonder my flowers are not nice.. cos i don hv this cutter.. is this the HK cutter set?

    1. yeap, the flower cutter is from the hello kitty onigiri set.
      love this cutter but the puncher is made from plastic so not so ‘sharp’. must use very crisp nori to get a good cut.

    1. Thanks Suzanne. How could I miss her twin sis mimmy! She is the one with flower. Hello kitty wears a bow/ribbon. Now i know- Bunny is Cathy!

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