bento 97 – miss bearie ham sandwich

it’s one of those day again! i slept early but woke up late… so late that s had only 5 mins to get ready. i had to wake his daddy to take him to school. so no bento for s ;(

this is the third character from my bento t-shirt, ( i skipped nos. 2 – panda, as i wanted to use ham today, i can’t bring myself to make a brown panda! =P )

here is a miss bearie ham sandwich for my gal.

miss bearie’s ears are cut-out from sausage.

my kids said they cannot eat their bentos right away during recess. their friends would want to see the bento first. my gal did not quite like the attention and asked if i could, not to ‘decorate’ her food. “no need so nice la! ” she added. sigh… , i replied that i enjoyed preparing it for them… lol!

this is mine – chicken sausages, starfruits, honey tomatoes and dragonfruit. as you can see, i am in a rush, octo and crabby had no eyes! hehee… =)


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