bento 95 – fish and yet another hk sandwich..and more

i didnt prepare any bentos today. kids not schooling as it’s youth day.  these 2 were prepared and eaten  last friday. =)

hold on, it’s too simple and plain. and i have time. hehe..  added the nori dots. here it is after the mini makeover.

this is my gal’s. my first round shaped hello kitty with a yellow nose! i spread a thin layer of condensed milk for both sandwiches. simple express bento!

i went to kuala lumpur 2 times last month. the first, i spent a week there, and the last trip, just over the weekend. when i am back, i shop like no tomorrow. =) some things are much cheaper than in singapore. my bff shopping-partner is my sis who would know where to shop. she is the nicest sis anyone could asked for.( mei, thank you for taking time off and spent time with us! love you…)

my sis is not into bento-ing but would still gladly take me bento shops hopping. no new bento gadgets for me this time as i have bought most of those in stock.

this is one my happiest buy – a hello-kitty shirt! i would like to call this a bento shirt. i hesitate to buy at first, but was so glad now that i bought it after a second thought .

the pictures here are all bento-able characters and to top it off, the famous cat, hello kitty is on it! my first hello kitty shirt! love it, love it! i have this plan to make bento out of one of the characters each day for the next nine days = nine pics.  let’s see if i could do that. =)

i also have this crazy idea that should i do a you tube bento video, this shirt is most appropriate! all the reasons to justify getting this shirt.  hehe..=)


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