bento 93 – sigh..chicks sandwich

i was contemplating whether to post this photo. (definitely not a bento). i was too embarrassed. for a mom who enjoyed making bento for her kids in the last six-seven months, this was what i came out with. i would like to blame it on the lack of time, or just simply too lazy to make an effort ! hmmnn.. also no mood to check the ‘black’ book (see previous email).

i guessed it was okay to have such a day once in a while, i would not feel bad about it.

ok, sigh.. here it is. 

the 2 cute picks did not make any difference… haha..

this is supposedly a hard-boiled egg sandwich. but today, even the egg did not corporate. it turned out half-boiled! anyway, i tried out this new triangle sandwich cutter/sealer. not bad.

it’s an easy task to make a ‘better’ one compared to the first. it’s bread with nutella for my gal. i added 2 m&ms and some blueberries. =)



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