bento 92 – king froggy noodle and cheese sandwich

i  asked s what he would he like to take to school? hmm… tick tock, tick tock.. i have less than 20 minutes to prepare! finally, he agreed on noodle and fish cake. so that was it, decided. now, first thing first, plan.

1.boil water to cook fish cake

2.pour sweet dark sauce and sesame oil into bento box

3.boil noodle whilst cutting fish cake (to decide the charaben, i flipped the pages in my sketch book. yes, i have a ‘black’ book for mornings like this. where my creative juices, if any, is not flowing…at all =P haha…)

4.boil quail egg

5.add nori details – s helped to clean up by eating the ‘extra’ fish cake

6.take pic

7.send s to school, NOW!

here is the outcome.. took slightly more than 20 minutes.

s said the frog should be sitting in a bed of grass. he cut and added a few ‘pieces’.

i love this red sandwich cutter (thank you so much for the alert, you know who you are!). nice colour and good quality plastic. i used this to make cheese sandwich for my gal. prepared this after sending s to school. she woke up early and helped me to prepare her bento – cut and add the cheese details. a junior bento-ist in the making 😉

the kids and i made some mini blueberries muffins the night before. i had two punnets of blueberries in my fridge, one, compliments from lg. thanks =). i used this recipe from one of the blogs but i cannot trace it now.  the only change i made was i used 1/2 cup of sugar instead of 1. the best part about this recipe, there is no need to use an electric mixer (read – less washing ). just measure the ingredients,mix and bake. i used eggs and butter straight from the fridge, which i learnt now that – this is a no no. cold eggs may ‘curdle’ the butter and may not mix well. so the tip is to use all ingredients at room temperature. i have been baking using cold eggs to bake all my life! duh! =(. can any anyone shed some light on this?

the mini muffins were not fluffy nor light, i think my gal and i over mixed the batter. it tasted ok with just a tinge of sourness.

take a look =)


4 thoughts on “bento 92 – king froggy noodle and cheese sandwich

    1. thanks. i used the sketch book to draw whatever that inspired me a cute bento character. the book is in my handbag most of the time. but as you can see in today’s post, even this can’t help when there’s lack of time or ‘bento mood’ =(

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