bento 91 – charaben sausage buns

i missed bentoing and felt a bit ‘rusty’ already. well, kids started school this mon. i am back to bento making again! that, nayyy.. to waking up early.

here are the two simple charaben buns –

a doggy sausage bun for my boy. face details are drawn with nutella, using a butter knife and toothpick. (apart from some eggs and apples, this is all i have to make a ‘charaben’ snack/ bento that morning.. )

i intended to do a hello kitty (yes, again!) for my gal but whilst peeling the bun’s ‘skin’, i saw a lamb! hmmm… although i luv hello kitty, it’s definitely a better option in the morning rush! no need to cut and paste the six tiny whiskers for the famous cat. haha..

i have so much to share, bento shopping trips in kuala lumpur and more hello kitty stuff.. but so little time. =(


4 thoughts on “bento 91 – charaben sausage buns

  1. Very cute!! 🙂 I really admire your ideas. Recently I can’t get creative in the mornings… so I just make cut outs with cookie cutters from plain cheese sandwiches…

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