bento 90- hello kitty loves snorkelling

it’s been almost a month since my last posting. i have only made one bento since ( apart from today’s – bento 91, next post).

glad to be back and here is my bento made two weeks ago. i intended to  submit this as hapa’s june bomb contest as  this somewhat fit the beach theme. but as you can see, i didnt. when i wanted to post, hapa bento was already announcing the winner! haha.. a case of slow and steady and too late!!

i have pile up kilos during the break and was trying to get back to a healthy eating routine again. what other better way than to start with salad?

this was my dinner bento inspired by my first ever snorkelling trip. hello kitty and her bff ( in snorkelling mask ) admiring the underwater world.. hehee…

in this bento : buttercup lettuce, egg, tomato, baby carrots, egg, sunflower seeds, with italian herb sauce. above are the 2 biggest strawberry i have ever eaten. =)

a brief recap of what and where i had been during my short break.

hubby and i went for a short holiday. this was the first thing we saw when we entered our hotel room, what a breathtaking view!

this was taken from our hotel room balcony at pulau redang berjaya resorts. it was a long journey. we left for kl airport at 5am and reached the resort at 12.30pm! (including all the waiting and one and half hours of ferry ride) but it was worth it! beautiful, beautiful island. super fine beach and the sea is super clear and calm. (the resort closes from nov to feb during the monsoon season. i m like the resort’s poster girl now! haha…).

apart from pigging out at the complimentary buffets and lazing around, we spent half a day snorkelling. beau..tiful fishes and corals. this underwater experience reminded me that God is almighty, the greatest creator!

now i know why people scuba dive. there is another world in the sea/ocean. it’s so different viewing them from a tv set and actually swimming with them (fishes). schools of fish swam so near me that i was thinking ‘ i just want to look at you (fish), dont come so near me!” i was worried that they would nibble me. of course that didnt happen. unfortunately, being a first timer, we didnt take along any waterproof camera . =(

we will definitely visit redang again. next time, we will take the kids along. trip overall rating – 5/5, love it! here are a few more pics to share.


4 thoughts on “bento 90- hello kitty loves snorkelling

  1. Beautiful beach! White sand … I love it 🙂 Cute bento too … too bad you missed out the BOMB challenge this month. But thanks for sharing this cute bento with us.

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