bento 89 – happy and healthy

my sis and i made six impromptu lunch bentos yesterday. here are some photos of them. i didnt have my bento gadgets with me so we made do with a hole puncher. that is why many of  the bears and bunnies eyes are closed. haha..

after this, i think the smiley and eye punchers are great inventions for bentoist! even though they are originally created for art and craft.

so happy with the mantous, i made these mouse and pig with mini red bean paus.

off all, i like the bento below the best. also just in time to join the  contest hosted by kidsdreamwork.  in line with its theme – happy and healthy. my kids love nuggets and were happy to see the cute characters. it is also a balanced meal with all the key nutrients.

in this bento, chicken nuggets, fried rice, grapes, honey cherry tomatoes, cucumber, broccoli, sweet potato (flower), red bean pau and mango pudding.

i am off  for a short holiday with hubby tomorrow…so there will be no bentos for a while. i will post a photo or two of the place later and share with you my review of the resort.  have a great week ahead!  =)


7 thoughts on “bento 89 – happy and healthy

  1. Oh dear, the mantou looks so good and tempting with the pink colour! Glad that you managed to join the contest before your holiday break! Looking forward for more bento from you after your holiday break 😀

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