bento 88- more animals buns and king teddy noodle

Here are Wednesday’s snack bentos.  My son’s bento was noodle with fish cakes and sausage.

The teddy is fish cake, made from two bears using the same cutter. Made a small semi-circle cut on one and turn it around to join with the other. after looking in the photos, i think i should have added another semi-circle ham or cheese on teddy’s ‘ body’ to represent the belly.

The Pikachu fish cake was expensive at S$6.80 for only 8 pieces. I bought for s as he loves pokemon characters. i dont think i’ll buy again.

More mantous/steamed buns ! made them into hello kitty (hk), piggy and doggy? hk had ‘curved’ whiskers as i dont want to waste extra nori cut-out. the piggy and doggy buns were for lg’s kids. hope they liked it!

It would be perfect if they sell strawberry flavoured ones, then we’ll have pink swirl!!

My kids’ one month school holiday begun today! So no bento today, and for another week as we will be away!

I missed making cute bento for myself so i’ll probably take this month to make rice charaben bento, hehehe..,yes, more hello kitty and theme bentos. that’s if i can pull myself up early or at least make some form of preparation the night before. The kids will be staying with their grand pop and mama, so i probably have more ‘me’ time to just relax or more bento shopping!

I bought many hello kitty and other cute files a while ago.  i can keep my working notes and other important docs..  well, maybe not the working stuff, wouldn’t be seen as professional going to meetings with them! lol!

Love, the hello kitty ones! More ideas for kitty bento! see, it’s related. 😉 will take photos and post them during one of my bento-less days. if you are a hello kitty fan, pls remember to visit again! =)

note: i entered a contest hosted by an american in bento. please take a look and vote your favourite. mine is hello kitty no 6.  thank you for your support! hehe…. (>.<)


2 thoughts on “bento 88- more animals buns and king teddy noodle

  1. The Pikachu fish cake is so cute, but yeah, sounds expensive!
    Among all I like the Hello Kitty the most, in fact I think the curvy whiskers makes the HK look so cute! 🙂
    Must get the pandan mantou one day, have to persuade my boy to choose pandan over chocolate! LOL

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