bento 87 – missy bear pandan mantou

i bought some mantous (steamed bun/bread) over the weekend. saw someone (i cant recall who) turning them into cute snails and i wanted to try making one too. there are 3 types of mantous, chocolate, pandan and plain. k wanted the pandan flavored ones, i.e. with green ‘swirls’

to cut the story short, snail is not to be. s didnt want no mantou! so his bento ended up with sausage (which was meant for the snail body) and chicken nuggets. well, at least i got to use my new picks, hehe..

he had a school excursion to the ceramic factory this morning and requested for just some light snacks.

i didnt have enough sausage to make snail for k so i made this bear mantou. made one extra mantou for lg who had lovingly packed many breakfast bentos for me. thanks! =)


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