bento 86 – giraffe and sparkling flowers

i saw this cute giraffe from lia’s bento (bentolicious)  some time ago, and have since kept in mind that i would try to make one for my kids. it is just too cute!

this is my express version. giraffe made from egg cooked with a dash of salt and sesame oil. the cut-out was not smooth.  for a smooth and beautiful egg sheet, see lia’s tutorial .

i used a hippo cutter to form the giraffe. cut 2 hippos. one, cut away the ‘head’ to form giraffe body. (sound so gruesome! lol!) cut the other horizontally across the hippo body, to form giraffe head and neck. then join them together. the extra ‘head’ went to my stomach! haha.. i used spaghetti to pin the ‘pieces’ to the bread. other options you can consider is butter and mayonnaise. lastly, add spots (cut-out ham with straw), ears and tail.

here is a simple illustration of how the 2 hippos became a giraffe. =) note: please ignore the dates printed on the pics. i used an old camera and forgot to set the date.

i had wanted to do a special flower theme bento but weekend came and went in a flash. so here is a simple ‘sparkling’ one for k.

i used 2 flower cutters, straw and ‘sparkling/gem’ food picks. k came home with a broken red pick. ;(  and i have only one set. well… gotta look out for it and get another set!

more on cute picks-

if you like the above picks, there are ‘still on sale’ in daiso rivervale this morning (23 may). please call them and check availability before you go. not sure if you can also ask them to reserve for you. anyone care to leave a comment on this? you can zoom in the photos to get the product description.

i received this information from tona. she is the sweetest lady! thank you again, tona, for sharing the information (and much more!). =)

did anyone see these mini sauce containers on sale in any of the singapore daiso outlet recently? please kindly leave a comment to share with the rest of us. thanks so much! have a great week ahead!


9 thoughts on “bento 86 – giraffe and sparkling flowers

  1. Cute bento! Great use of your hippo cutter to make that giraffe, very creative! I haven’t check Daiso for quite sometimes now. Thanks for the info, hope I can find a set too here 🙂

    1. thanks lia. i bought quite a few of cutters. therefore, trying all means to use them to justify the buy. i also dont have much time in the morning to cut out the shape manually. =)

  2. Such a creative & cute giraffe, trying to reach for the leaves 😀
    I like the food picks so much! I think it is time to go check out Daiso again yeah, but i wonder if the Daiso here will have these, I hope they do!

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