bento 85 – hippo meets double ‘k’

i prepared white plain rice bento for s for the first time. steamed left over rice and frozen chicken nuggets together for approximately 15 minutes. while waiting, i cut this little hippopotamus.

s said this looks like a cow, because of the ‘ears/horns’, (O-o)! will keep this idea in mind – i.e., cut on fish cake and add nori spots.

k asked for a hello kitty sandwich again =), later added another special request for letter ‘k’  yesterday. she woke up early today while i was making her bento. she joined me and made this ‘k’ with the ham and cheese flowers. will be submitting this for the hapa bento’s may bomb contest on her behalf. =)

pl made these lovely cocoa peanut butter cupcakes for our breakfast. yummyyy and thank you with love! 😉


6 thoughts on “bento 85 – hippo meets double ‘k’

  1. It is fun to have your kids joining you in making bento yeah! Usually my boy still sound asleep when I make his bento, but he’ll make request the night before if he has any particular ideas. 😀
    By the way, the cupcakes looks really good!

  2. thanks, tata. actually, bentoing is more like their mom’s creative outlet, but it is a bonus that the kids like to join in the bento making and have fun too. 😉

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