bento 84 – an elephant hears 2 lions roar!

I am so disappointed with yesterday’s ‘lion’, I just had to try it again today. I made 2 to make up yesterday’s lack of creativity! =)

Well, here is the improved version, with better proportion and detail. I used two types of ham (chicken and pork). For a change, I bought chocolate chip bread.

hear me roar!!

the tools/cutters that I used:

  • Lion mane – used 2 flower cutters
  • Face – circle cutter
  • Body – fish shaped cutter, cut half
  • Leg – made a groove at the bottom with a small circle cutter
  • Tail – used circle cutter
  • mouth (cheese) and tail fur – the smallest flower plunger

an elephant and another lamb for my gal. these are easy to make, used only the round cutters – one with small curves and the other smooth.

I love to see the strawberries in sherimiya’s happy little bento blog. In the photos below are 2 of the biggest strawberries i bought yesterday. S$5 a punnet, not cheap!

my dear friends helped me buy an animal and transportation set of picks and sauce containers. i love the animal one sooooo muchhh. thank you dee and pl! hugs n kisses! =)

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8 thoughts on “bento 84 – an elephant hears 2 lions roar!

  1. The lions are so cute! They looks so friendly so we can stare them a little bit longer 🙂 Cool new picks and sauce containers … so lucky to have them!

  2. hi, i was just leaving u a comment a while ago. maybe at the same time u are here, i was there! hahaa..
    thanks lia. got the bento barang from daiso! went there today to get another set, they were all snapped up, gone !

  3. Now these 2 looks certainly lions! Very cute lions some more. 😀
    I totally agreed with Lia, the picks and sauce containers are so cool, why I never see such cute food picks at local Daiso!!

  4. Hihi!

    Alamak, I was there on Fri but don’t see any leh. Can you pls leave me your hp at my gmail and I will ck out the branch nx to my pl tmr. So I can call you to ck if u want. If hv, i get for you. 🙂


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