bento 83 – lion? plus another hello kitty and bff bunny!

this is supposedly a lion, made from fish cake and sausage (lion face). i think it looks more like an alien in helmet, no? ;P haha..

anyway, i should have turn over the fish cake so that the mane shows a different colour. maybe a smaller body or bigger head would make the ‘lion’ head stands out. i will make another lion, another day!

k made a special request the night before. she wanted a HELLO KITTY nutella sandwich! hooray! does that mean she is now a fan like her mom? she has asked me many times, ” why are you always buying hello kitty?’ hmm… we will see…by the way, she is 7 years old.

gladly made these with the cutters. ribbon and flower made from carrot .

eh, i have flowers in both bentos! yes, these will qualify for the may bomb contest, by hapa bento. =) i love this month’s theme – flowers. i must try to do a special flower themed bento. ;P


6 thoughts on “bento 83 – lion? plus another hello kitty and bff bunny!

  1. I can’t recall from whose blog that brings me to your blog, but I certainly glad that I landed here! I love your bento creations! Have a quick browse through some of your post and they are all so lovely! 🙂
    Don’t know why but I just feel the supposed to be lion looks like a fluffy sheep instead of aliens 😀

    1. hi kidsdreamwork. i am too, glad you came! thank you for the compliments and fluffy sheep it is! haha… i have quite a few sheep and lambs here. =)

  2. Hi Karen, thanks for visiting my blog. Wow, you got a cool bento blog here. I love your kitty and bunny sandwich. And your lion bento looks like a Japanese teru teru bōzu :D. So cute!

    1. hi tata, thank goodness it ‘looks’ like something else other than the ‘alien’ i saw. hehe.. well, let our imagination run wild!thank you for dropping by. =)

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