bento 82 – happy bunny, sheep and hippo

it was another whirlwind weekend. we were back in kuala lumpur on saturday and drove back to singapore on sunday. i was still tired on monday morning… so i skipped bentoing. good to know that the kids missed my bento. =)

even after a good night rest, my brain cells wasnt working this morning. i dont have any inspiration and took me a while to figure out what i wanted to make.

i started by cutting the bread, ham and spread nutella. i stared at them for a good 2-3 minutes and decided to make the usual bunnies. after the first bunny, the sheep (yes, sheep again! lol, love sheep. they are easy and fast to make) just came to mind as the second ham wasnt a smooth round shape.

there was no time left to put in veg and fruits. so this is it, as ‘bare’ as it can get…just good old sandwich, dont think this qualify to be called a bento! ;P

i made k’s bento afterwards. tried making a new animal – hippo it is. my gal loves little notes, besides this shortest sentence, i cant think of what else to write.’ i love k’ was written with a choco pen.

the hippo eyes were not the same size, i didnt do it on purpose, but thought it was not a bad idea after all! =)


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