bento 79 – dancing cutie and blushing buggy

i can’t decide if this is a dog or a bear… so let’s just call him a cutie. he’s dancing all the way to the school. he was surprised to see bunny in the park! haha.. =) i enjoyed making this one because of his  ‘er!’ expression.

cutie is made from cheese and ham.

i had wanted to do a lady bug for the longest time but no motivation to do it with tomato as k will not eat it. so here is a funny colour lady bug. made from 2 types of ham and cheese for eyes. use circle cutter for the body and straw to cut eyes.


2 thoughts on “bento 79 – dancing cutie and blushing buggy

  1. I just stumbled on your blog somehow, I think from a comment you made. My daughter loves Hello Kitty so I enjoyed seeing your bentos with her! We don’t really do bento, but I do pack her lunch her every day. It’s fun seeing what other kids’ eat. Mine is older than yours (15) but still doesn’t like much in the way of veggies. Protein (meat) and starch (potatoes, rice, or bread) and fruit usually. But she gets a kick out of it when I cut the apple slices into rabbits, which I learned from bento blogs.

    1. hi ellen, thanks for visiting. i was very persistent to get the kids to try new food initially, but have since learned that there’s no point nagging them. hope they will grow up and eat a more balance meal and try new foods eventually. cheers!

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