bento 78 – beary udon & ‘baa baa ham’ sheep sandwich

last weekend had been a whirlwind of activities. i will try to sum it up in a short para.

we travelled by car, 300km++ to kuala lumpur (kl), malaysia to attend a good friend’s wedding. whilst there, i had my hair done, rushed to two shops for more bento stuff. well, actually 3, one closed down, what a wasted trip 😦 . had lunches with my dad and siblings, celebrated mother’s day/dinner with in-laws and still found time to visit a shopping mall to replenish my cereal health food. all in two short days!

we are going to kl again next week! this time to attend a cousin’s wedding.  hmm.. another trip equals more bento stuff? yes! =)

i cooked french toast and mini sausages for the kids yesterday. i had neither time nor energy to make it cute, i just hurriedly packed them into the lunch boxes. so no photos for that uninspired bentos.

after a good night’s rest, we are back to our normal routines. here are today’s quick bentos. ‘omelette’ bears and udon for my boy and another ‘ baa baa ham’ sheep sandwich for my gal.

i cooked the egg white and yoke separately.

i used 2 types of ham to get different colours.

to all who are mothers, here’s wishing you a very happy belated mother’s day! i received these gifts from my kids, sweet.. =)

please look out for tomorrow’s bento. it’s going to be a special belated mother’s day bento dedicated to you, bento-ist mummies!

i wanted to do this last week. well, better late than never!


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