bento 77 – monkey loves sweetie pie

hmm.. i had a hard time choosing the title ,  monkey and little girl, monkey chases sweetie, monkey etc etc..well, monkey loves sweetie pie is also not a very creative one.. i am thinking along the line that brother loves sister … =)

two simple snacks today. both sandwiches took me less than 15 mins to put together, excluding time taken to slice one mini pear.  i steamed the seaweed wrap chicken nuggets while making the sandwich.

my son’s bento, who thought this is a smiling bear!  O_o ?  maybe he has different imaginary powers from his mom.. 😛

both kids guessed this correctly, a girl! phew…  i would doubt my cutting skill if they said this is a boy, haha..

this is so simple, just arrange 3 circles shaped cheese (2) and ham (1), then add coloured decor daisies/sprinkles and nori.

where did all the fruits and veg go since kids didn’t want them? after taking the photos, they were removed and repacked as seen in photo below…

just enough to make another lunch/snack bento for me. added chicken, sweet potatoes (breakfast’s leftovers) and ham + cheese flowers, balance after cutting for kids bentos.  i try not to include carbohydrates. yes, i am still in my quest/lonngg  battle to lose that few very, very stubborn kilos of fats!

oh ya, charlie, our pet dog ate the extra bread skin. nil wastage!


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