bento 76 – koala and little lamb or dog?!

i packed fruits and veg in the kids bentos even if they don’t like it. no, they have not become omnivorous. (i wish!)

it’s just that the bento photos looked bare and not balanced without some fruits and veg. for now, the fruits and veg are just props! my kids insisted that these be taken out after the photo taking. ;(

the animals are made from fish balls, ham, artificial crab meat. koala is on a bed of fried rice, lamb on nutella spread bread.

both kids said this looked like a little dog! =) it’s a lamb, baa baa not woof woof!! what do you think?

for the first time, my kids tucked me in yesterday. sweet.. =) instead of the usual me kissing them good night, they kissed me good night. my ‘batteries’ were completely flat !

I am fully charged today and getting ready for a super busy weekend with bffs and loved ones. you know who you are ;P.


4 thoughts on “bento 76 – koala and little lamb or dog?!

  1. Both are so cute! Koala and the little lamb are adorable. Your kids are so sweet … sure their kisses will make you ‘fully charge’ again 🙂

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