bento 72 – little bird x 3

today’s bento is egg + mayonnaise sandwiches.

a simple snack, just need to boil 2 eggs, mash and mix it with 1-2 tbs of mayonnaise. if you like, add a little salt and pepper too.

i dont’ normally plan the bento the night before.  it’s usually a quick peep into the fridge in the morning  before deciding the menu, theme, there and then.

i have no decor inspiration for s’s sandwich this morning. probably because i am simply too tired from the lack of sleep in the last few days.
just made a ‘mickey’ print, then later decided to cut a little bird from cheese to add a little yellow colour… hmm…

did the same for k, but 3x the little bird and added little flowers. luv the mini flower plunger cutters to bits! It’s expensive at S$20 something. you can get them from any baking shops. i got mine from phoon huat, simei. mine has a set of 4 different sizes. =)

 will add the plungers photo tomorrow.


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