garden bento contest

i refer to my previous post. the contest is now closed and it is time to vote!

please click here to see all the 17 beautiful garden bento entries and voting instructions. mine is “blissful garden”, index no 8, er… .number EIGHT , =P hahaa.. my description for blissful garden is as follows:

“we lived in an apartment so we do not have a garden. if we do have one, i would love to grow all kinds of flowers, let our pets, lionel the rabbit and charlie, our cavelier king charles dog roam freely in the garden. =) “

the bento with the highest votes wins. voting ends 1 may 2010, so hurry and cast a vote for your favourite!

on another note, my weekend came and went in a flash.

i prepared six kids bentos for a barbeque birthday celebration last saturday. and spent sunday baking my favourite banana walnut cake and made chinese carrot cake. the latter was a bit too soft but tasted alright when mil fried it with ‘chai poh’ and egg.

here are a few pictures of my ‘art’ work. =)

in the kids’ bentos-

fruits – strawberry, tangerine and seedless grapes

snacks – octo and crabby mini sausages, farm animals quail eggs, sleeping cat fish/chicken nuggets

main dish – fried mee hoon with fish cake and one half of hard boiled egg

dessert – 2 mini cupcakes

i forgot to include vegetables! should have put some carrots, broccoli or.. spinach? i could almost hear my kids squealing .. hahaa.. they hate vegetables.


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