bento 68

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the kids wanted to prepare their own snack bento yesterday. it’s a welcoming request… because, while they are hard at ‘work/play’, their mommy would enjoy some peaceful and quiet moments =)

i added 2 fish nuggets (steamed) for s, and more bread for both this morning using just the teddy cutter. the facial details were chicken ham roll and nori. i like the chicken ham ‘pale pinkish’ colour versus the usual light brown ham.

I wanted to buy carla craft’s ” happy” punch to cut a smiley mouth (with nori), but the company’s sales rep said both this ‘happy’ and ‘ lucky dog’ had been out of stock for some time and.. indefinitely! she did not know when is the new stock coming in. haiz..

not happy with the news, i went to 2 bookstores that sell art and craft stuff and ended up buying another 4 nori punches .. 😉 guilty!

i will post the photo and use it for tomorrow’s special bento. 😀


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