kawaii cupcakes!

i had a fun-filled late evening. i mean really, really late.. evening, decorating cup cakes that pl pre-baked in the afternoon.


three of us, dee, pl and i called the fondant (paste used to decorate the cupcakes)  ‘adult play-doh’. i used some bento cutters to make bear, piggy and hello kitty. i use the same cutter for bear and piggy , but shaped their nose differently. the same cutter can be used to make a frog. the ears will become the frog eyes.

i thoroughly enjoyed the 3 hours ‘workshop’ . the two sweet ladies shared with me generously all the cupcakes tips,  tools/gadgets and how-to lessons. they will be starting their blog soon. coming soon! will keep you posted.

thank you pl and dee, i hope we can have another workshop soon!! i am totally hooked! another creative outlet for me.. i could include a  mini cupcake as a surprise for the kids bento,  nice!  😀


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