bento 64 – hello kitty and pikachu

my bentos in the past few days were a little below my liking. i looked at the photos and thought to myself that i should have done this, add that, change those, etc..

today’s bentos were prepared with more ‘love’ and thought. i prepared what charaben bento meant to me … my hello kitty. this time, she is in a mousy suit. =)

the kids bentos were bread with nutella (prepared yesterday night). the characters were fish cake and decorated with nori and some ketchup (for my boy’s). i steamed the chicken nuggets this morning.

do you know what is this character? it’s my boy’s favourite comic character.

this is pikachu. many times better than the first try. see here.

my dear hello kitty ‘sleeping’ in her new mousy suit. i love doing her in suits. it’s super easy. no need for special cutters, just a circle shaped cutter will suffice.

Zzzz.. yawn..

this is my lunch. made potato salad for the first time. lg, i still like yours better ! =) other stuff in the box, cucumber, brocolli, tomato, plum and kiwi. the piggy container had italian salad dressing.

ok, for the weight loss record, a miserable 0.5 kg only !! I need to excercise harder and eat less !! ;(


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