bento 62 – crabby sausage and fish eggy

Unlike other days, I spent more time on k’s bento today. She went to the zoo this morning and reminded me that she wanted only ‘dry’ fingers food yesterday!

used the new fish egg mould. yes, the fish ‘print’ was not clear, egg  was too small. k commented that my fish looked so funny!

in these 2 bentos , hard boiled ‘fish’ egg (half each), chicken/seaweed nuggets, fishballs and egg sandwich. k had additional crab sticks which s didnt like.

I am weighing in tomorrow! I was feeling pretty slim until Sunday! I ate more than usual, and to top it off, I had supper with hubby! Two nights consecutively!! =) oh no? yes, i had supperS !

I didn’t have time to plan my lunch today. Just threw in some lettuce, top it with mixed veg : corn, peas and carrots, also added some dried cranberries and a tangerine. All packed in less than 2 mins!

I had wanted to mix with some Italian dressing but forgot to take to office. In any case, it turned out quite nice, with sweetness from cranberries and the tangerine.

tip: must cut the lettuce to smaller pieces so that it is easier to scoop and eat.


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