bento 61- fish udon?

i wasnt well this morning, so prepared very simple snacks for the kids.

basic stuff, udon and fish nuggets. punched some ‘cat’ nori and poked food picks to add whatever little visual treat for s.

k’s just fish nuggets, tangerine orange and biscuit. she only ate the nuggets and returned the other two…hhmm… ;(

i went crazy during my last trip to malaysia and bought 4 full bags of bento stuff. see my messy stuff, it’s everything and everywhere.

i spent last sunday happily reviewing and organizing all the bento stuff, bento boxes, punchers, rice moulds, cutters, picks and more picks, sauce containers, you name it, i most probably would have ‘invested’ in it! stacked them into containers and categorized them. now i can find them easily! and hopefully use them more often. =)

more bento containers (photo below) in these 2 large boxes. will introduce and blog about them soonnn.. ;). i have two more large plastic containers , one filled with sushi moulds and the other, more cutters, stencils, cute silicon baking moulds, etc.. ok, time to STOP buying and START using ! Do you have the same issue? i.e. cant stop buying bento gadgets, and always use the same few fav cutters, moulds and punchers and even food picks. ( i lost 3 of them! sob! sob! but luckily i bought 2 sets, (>.<)


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