bento 59 – little boy says ‘ta dah’

Today’s new bento stuff/gear, ‘bony’ food picks used here as hands. Luv it! the boy says, ta dah!

I cooked fried rice and egg with a dash of sesame oil, salt and light soya sauce. Shared it with S.

K ‘s was kaya and butter bread, and some coloured easter eggs as snacks.

My side dishes – Seaweed wrap chicken and brocolli steamed at high heat for about 10 minutes. I reckon all my bento food should be steamed or boiled, as a healthier choice. It tasted natural and just as good!

Added orange to flavour the salad (just lettuce at the bottom).

I cheated a little on my diet plan. Ate a spoonful of ice cream and some chips yesterday! Well, kids offered! Haha… I guessed this little food would not add to the weighing scale. Life’s too short to be so concerned with this trivia matter. (trying to justify my cheat, haha…)


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