bento 58- all about egg moulds

S woke me up at 5:30! With the little extra time, I prepared bento for myself and an identical one for lg.

I will try to use at least one new bento stuff each day. Today’s is newly acquired egg moulds. The eggs I have were too small. That is why the car shape can hardly be seen, and mr bear had no ears! Lol! I luv ms bunny. I should have ‘pinned’ a little ribbon for her. 🙂

miss bunny-

this is my onigiri bunny bento. added some furikake to it, and italian dressing for my salad. can u spot earless mr bear?

I set a goal to lose some weight yesterday. My goal, to lose 4-5 kg before 8 may! I will be attending a wedding dinner that day and wish to look me best. =)

another motivation , I bought a pair of levi jeans yearsss ago, but have not been able to wear it out. It is probably 2 sizes too small. what was i thinking? that it fits better on the hips and legs, if tighter? I was able to squeze into it then, but it was so uncomfortably tight at the waist, it ended as a white elephant in my closet.

My ‘diet?’ plan is to have a small breakfast, a piece of bread, cake , anything but just one with green/chinese tea. No coffee on weekdays, but i won’t mind sharing one with hubby or sis on a weekend. 🙂

Lunch will be a small bento or cereal or just fruits. Dinner is all about portion control, a small bento box to contain all dishes, and some fruits later in the night as snacks. And incorporate a daily exercise routine of at least half an hour.

Let’s say my weight is now at point 5, my target is a weekly reduction of 1 point = 1 kg. Hopefully i can meet my goal by the 5th week, before 8 may !! Wish me luck!!!

Let the countdown begins. I ‘ll update on my weightloss journey on wednesdays. 🙂
And hopefully i can post a picture of the jeans on my body by may? Lol! Yes! More pressure and motivation ….


2 thoughts on “bento 58- all about egg moulds

  1. wow wee! really motivated to lose the weight eh? i just ate a whole pack of nasi lemak this morning.. so much of losing weight.. more like gaining weight!

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