bento 57 – ham sandwich, again?

Today, we had ham sandwich and fishballs. I am running out of ideas for their snacks, and have very few choices of what to prepare because they (kids) are very, super fussy eaters!

Any suggestions? They eat only eggs, potato, nuggets, tofu, fishball, fish cakes, sausage, ham, cheese (only k) noodles and rice…I think I summed all, yeap, that’s it.

Vegetable is a taboo word for them!! They would not try, even one cut in their favourite cartoon character! Sigh..

As for fruits, S will eat only apple and sometimes orange. K, slighly better, these, grapes and grapefruit. Enough said about the importance of veg and fruits but how to encourage fussy eaters like them to eat?

inside the small containers were some alphabet chocolate biscuits.


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