bento 48 – ms bunny and kitty

We celebrated S’s 10th birthday with granpa and ac in kajang. Granpa bought the choco birthday cake (chosen by S), yummy!

S brought a piece of the cake to school today. His mommy didn’t have the energy to prepare snacks this morning. =)

K didn’t agree to take cake and asked for something ‘ no need so nice la’ pork floss sandwich. Haha…

Sigh… We were back in kajang on sat and here we are now back in Singapore. Time flies when you are with family, loved ones and having tons of fun. I am looking forward for another trip home soonnn.. Mei, 100 yen shop, k? Aiyah, window shop only .. Maybe go with a very very small budget of 10. 😀

the mini monkey container has nutella in it, a special request from k
choco cake from sugar bun shop
my boy is 10!

2 thoughts on “bento 48 – ms bunny and kitty

  1. missing u and the kids too! haha budget of RM10? can beli 2 only wor.. cukup meh? show me you newly acquired items from DAISO leh..

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