Bye bye 1st semester

Kids left for kajang this morning. k called and said the train was delayed about an hour. (as usual!)

i wanted to prepare some light snacks for them yesterday, and asked them if they would like to help . well, help they did. they made their very first bento snacks on their own and appeared to enjoy the process. 3 cheers! hip, hip, horray x 3!

my newly acquired new loot came very handy. the kids enjoyed cutting kitty and panda, and ‘drawing’ their sandwich with the ‘chocholate pen’. we had a choice of nutella, olive oil/butter, sugar and pork floss. the kids prepared whatever they want.

i went to ‘kai kai’ to collect my hello kitty rice moulds and ended spending more $$ . I misplaced the old receipt, otherwise i would have gotten a 10% discount! sigh….these are perhaps my LAST kitty/bento collection , well at least for the next 2-3 months? hahaa…i promised i would make good use of them. think healthy, nutritious meals, apart from saving lunch $$. well, maybe not so much truth in saving $$, but it’s really a creative outlet for moi! 😀

kids busy at 'work', or play?
k's. can u see bunny, kitty and panda? i filled top tier with biscuits, sweets and gummies
s's. notice almost all his sandwich have smiley face? he also didn't use kitty cutter! he said his pandas have black eyes patches, one left and the other right, a girl and a boy. inside the orange container is some mini m&m's.
mommy's. made with leftover bread. s ate these as k had brushed her teeth.
i ordered this 2 weeks ago


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